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Custom Design

At JDS we aim to bring you a unique experience.

We offer you the opportunity to have an individual piece of jewellery designed in front of you. Each of us has an inner knowledge of our dream piece of jewellery and can be frustrated when we just can’t find it on the shelf. Our designers are trained to listen and interpret that dream piece and bring it to reality.

JDS specialises in hand drawn designs – Why?

Whilst CAD design has come into its own over the last 5 years and can be a very useful tool, we still favour our hand drawn designs.

The reason is flexibility and time.

Designing by hand means we can present you with several quick design ideas in a very short space of time, we draw to scale so no ideas are exaggerated, and ‘on the spot adjustments’ are made in moments. Our designs have no boundaries, which gives us greater flexibility particularly when remodelling and stone sizes may not always fit standardised designs.

Our hand drawn sketches are also free of charge – one of the joys of our business is being able to sit down and play with design. So please come in and challenge us!

What is CAD design?

Computer Aided Design has grown enormously in popularity and ease of use over the last decade. It is a great tool to ensure precision of design for complex pieces, and JDS would normally utilise CAD design to produce for example Celtic Motifs.

Whilst more and more stores will start to bring CAD design into the shop front, claiming to design in front of you, what the vast majority will do is present you with a gallery of photographs that they will modify by changing gold colours, stones sizes etc.

To create an original design in CAD usually takes a minimum of 2 to 3 hours. This then becomes a costly exercise, which is unlikely to be a free service. JDS is happy to produce a CAD design for you, but at a Fee redeemable on order. However the hand design work allows JDS to offer a large variety of options quickly and easily to enable you to hone in on your perfect design.